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A field benefiting of growing international attention, Mindfulness is today recognized as a practice with multiple evidence-based therapeutical benefits. Relapse Prevention is an evidence-based cognitive-behavioural intervention model for the treatment of substance addiction and other addictions whose principles and methodologies are widely used by the community of this field’s experts.


Ser Integral: Portuguese Center for Mindfulness has organized a top training program in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) to be offered to the national and international community of professionals in this field. This will be the first training to accreditate professionals in the effective and innovative practice of Mindfulness in the fields of substance addiction and other addictions. The program integrates contributions from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Relapse Prevention, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, and Dr. Zindel Segal’s Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). MBRP was developed at the Addictive Behaviors Research Center - University of Washington – USA, by Dr. Alan G. Marlatt himself – Relapse Prevention intervention program’s original proponent.










Module 1 – Specialist Training (8 theoreticaland practical training sessions over 6 days):

  1. Automatic Thoughts and Relapse
  2. Trigger Awareness and Craving
  3. Mindfulness in daily life
  4. Mindfulness in high-risk situations
  5. Acceptance and Competent Action
  6. Seeing thoughts as thoughts
  7. Self-care and balanced life-style
  8. Social Support and Practice Maintenance


More information on Module 1 here


Module 2 – Individual and Group Supervision (8 hours of group supervision or 4 hours of individual supervision, through videoconference)




Module 1Autumn 2024 - More information here

Module 2 - Supervision Sessions


Registration Fee: tbc

Total Tuition Cost - tbc

More information here



Health professionals in the field of addictive behaviors. MBRP program participation implies a consistent daily practice of Mindfulness of the training participants.




  • Personal experience of a MBRP, MBCT, MBSR or similar 8 week course
  • 5 days Mindfulness silence retreat participation at an accredited entity (e.g., Ser Integral: Portuguese Center for Mindfulness, Gaia House, CFM UMASS, Vipassana Meditation) 
  • An established personal mindfulness practice
  • An appreciation of cognitive behavioural psychology and therapy.
  • Ideally a professional background and/or equivalent knowledge and experience of the populations that the programme will be delivered to


*For more information about MBSR/MBCT programs please check:  www.serintegral.pt ou https://serintegral.pt/index.php/pt/calendario-de-meditacao-mindfulness
  For more information about Silence Retreats please check: https://serintegral.pt/index.php/pt/retiros-de-mindfulness



All interested must present a CV and all printed certifications of the prerequisites at the moment of registration, as well as a letter of intent informing about personal and professional trajectory, personal development in the field of Mindfulness, and reference to MBSR or MBCT certification (date of conclusion, teacher name and training centre). An individual interview may be requested.



Participants that have completed Module 1 and have initiated an intervention for the treatment of a group of people presenting addictive behaviours are eligible for Module 2. Prior to Module 2 an interview will be carried out to assess participant’s adequacy to this stage of training. Please take in mind that certification in MBRP will only be possible after completing Module 2.

The conclusion of Module 2 requires evaluation integrating the following elements: a portfolio of recordings and annotations of each of the MBRP’s 8 session program as presented to a group of people with addictive behaviour, followed by a critical essay. These elements are intended to illustrate the participant’s progression in the practice of facilitating MBRP groups.



The conclusion of Module 1 requires:

  • Attendance at all sessions and completion of all training actions carried during Module 1.
  • Established daily formal practice of Mindfulness Meditation (30-60 min. per day)


The conclusion of Module 2 requires:

  • Attendance at all supervision sessions.
  • Quality of reflections during supervision sessions.
  • Successful program implementation according to the teacher’s criteria.
  • Established daily formal practice of Mindfulness Meditation (30-60 min. per day). A written essay will be requested focusing on a self-reflective inquiry of how does the practice relate to daily life and work with patients with addictive behaviours. This component will also be the subject to informal evaluation during sessions’ interactions with training group and teacher.


1 The training integrates a total of 54 classroom training hours. Individual/autonomous training hours include 30 to 60 minutes of daily Mindfulness practice, 20 hours of MBRP program implementation next to a group of individuals presenting addictive behaviours, 75 estimated hours concerning the preparation of MBRP related materials and 2 to 4 hours concerning the preparation of two essays.




Carla Martins, PhD (Ser Integral: Portuguese Centre for Mindfulness)




Anshin Devin Ashwood, MSc (Mindfulness Based Approaches) – MBRP certified teacher & trainer, UK Mindfulness Network Teachers Listing sponsor.  Apprenticed by Doctor Sarah Bowen – Addictive Behaviors Research Center – University of Washington (E.U.A).


Nicky Mouat is a Mental Health Nurse with many years of working in both Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Treatment services in the UK and Australia. She trained as a Mindfulness teacher in 2015 (with Devin Ashwood and Sarah Bowen) and has enjoyed teaching MBRP in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in the UK since then. She is particularly interested in increasing access to mindfulness for those who would normally find that difficult








For more information concerning applications please contact Ser Integral: Portuguese Center for Mindfulness | + 351 92 5312649 | geral@serintegral.pt


The training program will be delivered in the English language.

For more information about MBSR/MBCT programs please check: http://serintegral.pt/index.php/en/mindfulness-programs or www.serintegral.pt

For more information about Silence Retreats please check: http://serintegral.pt/index.php/en/retreats 






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