Module 4: MBCT Teacher Training





9 - 15 October 2020



Module 4 involves further teaching on the theory underpinning MBCT, and it’s adaptations; and learning to teach all the MBCT course elements to small groups with more advanced teach-backs and; beginning to understand the structure and developmental progression of MBCT over 8 weeks and beyond. Learning is informed by greater embodiment developed in Module 3.

Module 4 is the last component of Foundational Training to Teach MBCT in the block format. Completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 is required in advance of attending Module 4. In order to fully benefit from the Module 4, participants ideally will have completed all Foundational Masterclasses prior to attendance. Where this is not possible, you may still attend however completion of the Foundational Masterclasses is required before moving on to Step 2 of the training pathway.


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