Ser Integral: Portuguese Center for Mindfulness offers retreats in Portugal for those who want to experience in a more profound way the effects of mindfulness practice.

These retreats/intensive mindfulness programs are presented in a secular context following the same principles of teaching as the mindfulness-based interventions.


These retreats/intensive mindfulness programs (residential or non-residential) are an opportunity to be in contact with yourself away from the daily life routines that usually occupy one’s daily life. The external context that is created during these retreats, that usually occur away from the city centers and in nature contexts will allow you to dive into tranquility, silence and calmness through the practice of mindfulness meditation, mindful yoga, dialogue and silence (as applicable). These retreats offer you the opportunity to cultivate Being in each moment of your life as an integral and whole human being that you are.


Mindfulness Meditation Retreats






 Flyer Paul Burrows EN.001

Art of Silence

11-16 September 2018

with Paul Burrows (Gaia House) and Ana Paula Martins (Mindful Yoga Teacher)

Registration until 31 July 2018

More information here




Flyer Melissa  David 2019 EN.002


Waking Up in Every Moment

25 - 30 May 2019

with Melissa Blacker and David Rynick

 Braga, Portugal

Registration until 1st March 2019

More information here


Flyer endnote Chris Cullen EN.002


Mindfulness, Friendlines, Insight & Liberation

19-24 September 2019

with Chris Cullen & Yuka Nakamura

 Braga, Portugal

Registration until 1st June 2019

More information here


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