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Thank you for considering applying for this training retreat, which is a collaboration between Oxford University’s Mindfulness Centre (UK) and Ser Integral: Portuguese Center for Mindfulness (Portugal). It comprises six days of intensive training, held in a retreat environment. The programme is designed for professionals who wish to bring MBCT into their lives and work and the structure of the training reflects the integration of personal and professional practice that is essential in teaching MBCT.


The training comprises modules 1 and 2 of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre’s MBCT International Training Pathway which is described in more detail elsewhere. It will be of particular interest to clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals who have previous training and experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and wish to train to deliver MBCT in clinical settings.


The programme is rigorous, starting early in the mornings and finishing late in the evenings. Throughout the week there is an integration of didactic, experiential and small group learning. Formal sitting meditation and mindful movement practices will be part of each day. There will be extensive periods of silence and you will have limited opportunities to communicate with family, friends and colleagues.


The training will offer you the opportunity to experience the content of MBCT classes as a participant, and also to practise teaching MBCT to one another under the supervision of the trainers. If you apply and are successful in obtaining a place, we look forward to taking this journey with you, and to the intensive practice and the learning that we will share.

ok forward to taking this journey with you, and to the intensive practice and the learning that we will share.


 Paul Bernard

Paul Bernard (Oxford Mindfulness Centre)


 Dra Carla Martins                             

Carla Martins (Ser Integral: Centro Português de Mindfulness)


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